A Scarlatti: Filli e Clori, 'Amica, hora che Aprile'

Cantata à due soprani e violini
Forces: 2 sopranos, violins & continuo

Sources: edition based on 4 17th-early 18th century manuscripts in the Santini Collection (Münster), the British Library, and the Bodleian Library, Oxford. [the details are in the editorial notes]

Description: Filli persuades the reluctant Clori to abandon city life for the delights of the country, where she is sure to make new conquests in the hunt of love. Both Filli and Clori have 2 arias of 2 strophes each, interspersed with ritornelli. In the magical final duet, the girls agree to prepare their feet for dancing, and their arms for the hunt. Cardinal Ottoboni's documents mention a performance of 'Amica, hora che Aprile' dated 13 July, 1694. The survival of this work in several sources suggests it was a well-known work in its day.

Editor: Rosalind Halton

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